Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Welcome home to Ken, Audrey and Fast Forward!!!

Thanks to Roy McBride, always on hand to capture events 
in the marina with his trusty Canon G11.

Ten years away, and a circumnavigation! What a story! Anyway they are back now, right here in the marina, tied up quite close to where they used to be in 2003. They tied up yesterday morning about 10:30 I believe.

No doubt there will be plenty of news as they get time to give interviews etc, and I hope someone persuades them to do a slideshow for us!

By the way, this is one hell of a boat - its a Phil Southwell design - about 62', made in Aluminium, supremenly well equipped. Its for sale too, about 750k AUD I think, that's about R6,7 bar so, see it here.