Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Red Button WiFi Service at the Club

In order to improve and update our Wi-Fi facilities for members, we have just upgraded our Red Button Wi-Fi Hotspot Service.  The new service offers features which we feel will bring benefit to members of the Club and the Gym.  The intention is that members will be able to work with their email and perform some basic browsing / Whatsapp / BBM type / Wind Guru / UGrib weather forecasting and similar communications while enjoying a coffee or drink at the bar.  We are not intending that users perform huge downloads (eg. video files) as this is something which should be done and paid for at home, although there is a facility to enable this if you are prepared to pay the top-up fees.  See below for further explanations.

The details of this offering are as follows: 
  •        The Telkom link is now running at 1MB, a faster speed than the previous 384kB 
  •        Each user can log on for free to the Wi-Fi service 
  •        Each user is allocated up to 50Mbytes free Internet usage per day 
  •        For users who want to use more than 50Mbytes, they can top up at a rate of 15c/Mbyte (that’s R150/Gbyte) 
  •        Any top-up is purchased on-line, using your credit card 
  •        Note that the top-up rate is now 15c/MByte, a discount from the previous 25c/MByte

Just a note for awareness sake - the Telkom lines in Hout Bay are currently suffering from high contention ratios.  In simple terms, this means that the Telkom link to the Internet is shared by many other users in Hout Bay – and although we now have a 1MB link to Telkom, the speed of the service may be affected at different times of the day, dependent on how many other Hout Bay users are using the Internet.  So while our Hout Bay Yacht Club link has a perfectly adequate speed for its intended use, its performance might be degraded from time to time due to capacity challenges at Telkom.

We would appreciate your feedback on your experience of the service so please feel free to drop comments in the suggestion box or send an email to Anne at the office (  We will continue to monitor the performance of the service over the coming months to review what usage it receives and confirm the suitability of the service.