Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hout Bay Yacht Club wishes all members and friends a truly great Christmas!

Fair Winds and Smooth Sailing for 2015!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Youth Summer Sailing Course at H.B.Y.C.

Hout Bay Yacht Club Youth Sailing

Learn how to sail Dabchicks and Lasers 
over three fun-filled days of the school holidays 
with our qualified instructor.

VENUE: Hout Bay Yacht Club
Hout Bay Harbour
Cape Town

DATES: 19 to 21 Dec 2014
5 to 7 Jan 2015

TIMES: 9:30 - 3:30 daily

AGES: 11 to 16 yrs

COST: R500 (lunch & course material included)

Enquiries & Bookings, contact:
Anne: (021)790 3110
Lisa : 082 572 2715

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Orphan's Lunch!

Having missed some of the recent Orphan's Lunches, I must declare this one to have been a fantastic success! The organisation and catering was outstanding, the spirit was awesome, and there was a very generous spirit to make it a very successful auction! 

News just in reports R22-000 was raised for the charity, which goes a long way to feeding orphans and indigent pensioners in Hanberg. This is a fantastic effort from a relatively small number of people and is something Hout Bay Yacht Club can be extremely proud of. It also makes the lunch that much more special. This is the Real Spirit of Christmas!

Special thanks to all those who made it happen - especially, Paul and Liz Pigneguy who organised the event, with support from Taffy and Shirley as always, and to Robin Parker for running the auction as usual. Never mind Werna, who runs the charity!!!! What a champion! (who have I missed?)

I suppose the Scottish Minstrels should also get a mention, see them here!
Orphans warming up...

Cheer up you lot!

Beware of the Pig! 

Mischief or what, the Scottish Play is conceived....

"This is definitely my beer!!"

" .... then again - maybe not .... "

Celebrity Auctioneer in full swing!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

HBYC Club Champs 2014 (Now Postponed till 2015)

(Postponed until early 2015, due to lack of availability of most teams at short notice)

Brief NoR and Course Card here.

More details will follow.

Please confirm entry soonest to RC Sailing, Richard Evans.

JML2 takes it this week....

A lightish NorthWester, with some cloud and rain unfortunately brought variable and shifty winds into the bay.  L26s do well in these conditions, and Keegon did well to produce a clear win on corrected time.

Megafreight, who crossed the line first, was second on corrected time, followed by Faraway and then Aquamania (Theo Yon) - who must have tripped somewhere - in fourth place. Thats the beauty of Hout Bay Sailing - nothing is a given!

Full results here.

Following the racing was the book Launch of Jack Mudds new book "Jack of all Trades" - quite amusing. There was a great attendance, and a great social evening as it turned out.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Volvo Boats arrive in Cape Town!

Abu Dhabi


Crew of Abu Dhabi at the Prizegiving

Abu Dhabi crossed the line just a few minutes ahead of DongFeng - about 3 miles lead -  this after 25 days and 17000 miles or so!!! Man alive - is that match-racing or what!? Just imagine the stress on these crews! This is largely due to the boats being identical for the first time, its all up to the crews...and - er - the navigators. These two boats looked to be in really good shape, which is just as well, as they have a fair bit to go still. I don't think I envy these guys too much.

An hour or so later I happened to be in Pick'nPay, getting some emergency wine supplies, when I noticed two young guys ahead of me in the queue dressed in red Musto Sailing gear. We took a chance and asked them - in English - if they were from the DongFeng? Of course they were - and very amazed we'd made the connection - and then bubbled on about Cape Town for a few minutes to say how happy they were to be here and especially in Cape Town - and what a nice reception they'd had. I would have to agree - it was quite impressive! And what lovely humble and nice people! They were just buying some pleasantries to remind themselves what life on land is all about - 25 days in a washing machine is not for everybody I think. They deserve a good rest now.

Keep an eye on this race, it will be one of the most interesting Volvo's ever! Personally, I think the formula is just about right now. And go see the boats sometime, for yachties, this is quite some eye-candy.

See Trevor Wilkins pics of the arrival of Abu Dhabi here - awesome!

Wednesday Results!

Unusually small fleet this time - despite conditions in the bay being excellent for sailing! Was it the Volvo race or Guy Fawkes? I hope not the latter. Anyway, the braai in the club was quite notable, if Audrey's Facebook pic was anything to go by!

1 JML2
2 Savannah
3 Faraway

More results here.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Old Bulls fight back!

Well after the various upsets of the previous weeks, Megafreight came roaring back to cross the line first this time, and producing a clear win on corrected time as well. Well done to them! Second across the line was Faraway, and only a few seconds behind them was Skebenga.Now I know this is supposed to be a handicap race - and indeed it is - but the battle for line honours has become very interesting with each of Skebenga, Faraway and Megafreight capable of crossing first! Not sure how Skebenga is managing this but it's quite amazing.

Anyway, back to the story, summary results on corrected time:

1. Megafreight
2. JML2
3. Faraway
4. Aquamania
5. Skebenga
6. Savannah

Full results here

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Skebenga crosses first!

For the first time in ages and ages, line honours has not gone to either of Faraway or Megafreight! Skebenga, a well equipped Fast 42, is starting to show her potential in no uncertain terms. In last night's race, she crossed a full 87 seconds ahead of Megafreight, and about ten minutes ahead of Faraway. Conditions were extremely light and I have no doubt that a few holes played some part in this all, but it is equally amazing to see Skebenga do so well in such light wind. Well done Paul and team. There is definitely a new player at the front of the fleet! Watch this space.

Well done to JML-2 for winning on corrected time.

It is also nice to see Reaction in the fleet, we do need an RCOD to look at!

Results on corrected time:
1. JML 2 
2. Megafreight 
3. Skebenga 
4. QBI 
5. Faraway 
6. Savannah 
7. Reaction 

Full results here.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wednesday Race Results

Five boats started in a 10kt Southerly. 

Megafreight took a clear lead and won by a massive margin! 
Savannah second on corrected time, followed by JML2, Skebenga and QBI.

Full results here.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Summer Season Wednesday Racing Starts Again!

The Wednesday Summer Series started in fine style with eight boats on the water, and fourteen knots of South-Easter. Megafreight just pipped Faraway over the line (3 seconds!) - to take first place - line honours and corrected time! Skebenga arrived only 7 seconds after Faraway! Hells Bells, what a finish! Skebenga is going to be a heck of a contender this season....

Have a good look at the full results here!

Monday, October 6, 2014

2014 Summer Opening Cruise!

Commodore's Party

Old and the New!

View from "Flying Cloud"

The newly restored "She" making a welcome appearance!

Many thanks to Roy McBride for the great pics!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Racing Results, 17 August

Apologies this one is quite late, just received it!

Appears to have been very little wind, with many DNSs and DNFs. 
Yacht A1 narrowly pipped Savannah on corrected time.

Race Results for 17 August 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

Savannah gets a turn!

Savannah took 1st place on corrected time in a very close finish on Sunday afternoon. JML-3 and Faraway with less than 10s between them!

  1. Savannah Keith Gemmell 0.910 1 03-Aug-14 15:40:26 1.000 2208
  2. Aries JML 3 ?? 0.965 2 03-Aug-14 15:40:07 2.000 2323
  3. Faraway No 3 Chris Sutton 1.130 3 03-Aug-14 15:34:25 3.000 2333
  4. Skebenga Alan Harrington 1.165 4 03-Aug-14 15:44:03 4.000 3079

Full results here.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Megafreight returns with Avengeance!

Megafreight, pictured at Admirals 2014

Megafreight came back in great style this week to take a clear lead in the light winds. Faraway managed a good second place, and Skebenga did remarkably well to come in 3rd in a competitive fleet of 7! Interesting result as Aquamaniac, followed by the JML L26s brought up the rear, in these light conditions.

Full results here.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

R.I.P. Keith Mattison, ex HBYC and Great Capetonian

Keith aboard his beloved "FTI Flyer"
Keith Mattison passed away this morning 17 July 2014 at about 4 am, peacefully. On Sunday he went sailing and then watched the World Cup final. Keith had a nasty case of some lung disease which saw him carrying oxygen around for the last few months, next to his beer! Despite all this, in January he entered the Cape to Rio.

Keith was one hell of a guy. Anyone with more lust for life I have yet to meet. Born in Toronto, Canada, he moved to South Africa for an early work assignment - I'll skip the details because there is a whole blog on his life here - which makes very interesting reading. He spent most of his adult life in Cape Town, being a notable academic  - head of department as I recall - at UCT in the I.T. Department, and was extremely well known in South African computing circles. He had various work assignments including Southern life, Shell (where I worked), IBM and others. Always larger than life, full of humour, and a joy to be around. He later went on to found Faculty Training Institute (F.T.I.), a notable I.T. and Project Management training institute in Rondebosch where I sent many of my own staff. He was an excellent musician and singer, and active in many music circles. Did I mention pubs? Best if I don't! Also a keen rally driver.....

And then there was sailing! I think sailing was Keith's main thing. He was the most enthusiastic and committed sailor for miles around, in his beloved FTI Flyer. His previous boat ended on the rocks on the end of Hout Bay's South mole one sad and very windy day - the mast of that boat stands as a timeless memorial to Keith in front of HBYC (as the club flag and signal mast). FTI Flyer entered every race and regatta there ever was in Cape Town, with Keith at the helm. He participated in HBYC's most recent Admiral's Regatta which was the last time I chatted with him. He had several ocean crossings to his name, including Cape to Rio and the Governor's Cup. What a champ!

I am proud to have known him!

Go well Keith! You will be well remembered at HBYC!

Humphrey Worthington-Smith took the amazing initiative to collect the various tributes to Keith at this blog, with Keith's full knowledge and support, before he died. It's a very interesting read.

Memorial Service:
It will take place at Christ Church Constantia this coming Monday (21 July 2014) at 3.00 pm. It will be followed by drinks and snacks at the Constantia Cricket Club club house next to Virgin Active.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Skebanga takes line honours....

Skebanga during opening cruise 2010

Results received from Keith Gemmell, skipper of Savannah:

  1. JML3    L Yon  L26    0.965    3123.07     3013.76
  2. Savannah    K Gemmell  Miura    0.910    3448.89    3138.49
  3. Skebanga    P Dalton F42    1.165    3026.01    3525.30

Great to see that Skebanga is making a regular showing on the water, watch this space as they move up the ranks! Note they took line honours comfortably here - well ahead of JML-3, which in fact is not that easy in very light winds. Well done Paul! No pressure! Notice how we take the youth sailing results as benchmark now!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

HBYC Youth Sailing Dominates!

JML-3 pictured recently during Admiral's Regatta

On a very cold Sunday afternoon - snow on the mountains - four boats ventured out for the Sunday Race! Three of them were our L26s crewed by the youth teams, and the fourth was Megafreight! It is fantastic to see how far this youth sailing programme has advanced - especially when one considers they all beat Megafreight in that race, which wins the club racing as often as not!

Many people have been involved in getting this programme to this level - I simply don't know who all - but special credit to Sam Legatt who certainly has been the main driver of this initiative. And a big thank you once again to Lotto - who donated a generous sum to get this off the ground. As you can see this has been put to very good use!

And lastly, well done to all the crews who have taken up this opportunity and become dam fine sailors along the way! HBYC is very proud of this!

I nearly forgot to include the results! Here they are on corrected time:

  1. Trader 24 Theo Yon  3112
  2. JML 2 ?? 0 3203
  3. Aries JML 3 ??  3300
  4. Megafreight Jendo Ocenasek  3444
Full results here.

Monday, June 30, 2014

It's Megafreight this week!

Megafreight (recent shot from Admiral's Regatta)

Sunday Racing was held in light winds (7 kts SSW). Corrected times were amazingly close! Its is great to see the handicap system working so well as the podium is shuffled almost every week. Note only 15 seconds between the first three - makes one realise races are won and lost by one bad manoeuvre or a bad start for example! 

Megafreight  3139
Aquamania  3143
Faraway No 3  3153
JML  3279
Savannah  3301
Aries  3368

Skebenza  3611

Monday, June 23, 2014

Savannah takes it!

SV Savannah (stock photo)

Sunday racing was held in a light to moderate Northwester, with five boats on the water this time. Savannah managed a clear lead over Megafreight, followed by Faraway, Aquamaniac and then JML-3. Well done!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Trader 24" Cleans up the Sunday Race

Well done to Theo Yon and crew who demolished the fleet arriving first over the line by a margin of four minutes, and about 13 minutes on corrected time. Second was Megafreight, third Savannah and fourth Skebanga. 

Full results here.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Winter Series kicks off with a strong show by Faraway!

First race was around Vulcan, alongside the visiting cruiser fleet from RCYC who held a separate race back to Cape Town.

Faraway sailed a great race to come first over the line and even managed to beat Megafreight by 8s on handicap. Third was Savanna, fourth Skebanga.

Full results here.

Faraway during Admirals Regatta 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hobie Longhaul 2014, thanks to John Ryall!

Hobies Back in Hout Bay after 20 Years

When an event ends with no results it is not often deemed a success – although lacking in results the Hout Bay Long Haul was an unqualified success. For some reason I was given a bottle of wine at the prize giving and when I turned round it really hit me how many people were there and who had been enticed out of the woodwork for the event, and it was not just looking full because we were sharing the event with the Keel Boat Sailors sailing in the Admirals Cup Regatta being run concurrently with ours.

Seen on the beach were Eddie Scarper – who worked with John Whitmore I understand. Alison Ball, looking as fabulous and if anything fitter than ever, came looking for a sail if one was available. We had Zac and Cody Wessels first time out on a Hobie 16 together – good to see you Zac – William – Cody is the ideal Tiger Crew for you. Stewart Walker had yet another good looking crew in the form of Megan Bagshaw while Sue crewed for Andrew on the Tiger – brave girl. The Du Plessis family eventually found the road out of Langebaan and made it to Cape Town although only Jaco and Shannon sailed. Martin Fine crewed for son Robert on his 16 - now with nicely refurbished carbon rudders. By design Belinda had Perry Harrison-Hyde of Laser fame on the foredeck – Belinda take him out in 20knots at Fishhoek and make him look under the tramp on the trapeze like Shaun if you really want to show him ! It was great to see our esteemed sponsor Simon van Nimwegen sailing with John Gilberg – we hope to see more of you both - thank you for the very generous sponsorship. Ian Dunt turned the clock back pitching up with Sarah Wallace and yet another Hobie 16 from his fleet of boats. Klaas (Old Sea Dog) de Rooy thought he could see his boat and car on the 1988 poster advertising the event – it seems he has always liked brightly coloured sails. The Wijtenburg Clan stayed down in CT after the Tiger Nationals, Mark sailing the Tiger with Andrew Fourie (we think it was Andrew – hard to tell) while Brandon and Todd practised for the youth Worlds. Petrol on the N1 was at a premium when they went home on Tuesday  – towing a Tiger with a 16 on top behind 5.5 litres of Mercedes makes your eyes water at the thought of the fuel bill. It was great to see Andre and Michele Diener on the water – more please next year and Andrew Hulsman sailing with Marijke Honig was another Hobie sailor we would love to see more of. Mike and Emma Roberts were a welcome addition – we have not met them before I believe. Martin (goes sailing) was the lone Mosquito. The Obree’s Mark and Sarah and Matthew Whitehead represented Hobie 16 sailors normally seen on the Grand Slam circuit. Well done to Andrew Walker and Jeremy Nel for getting such an eclectic line up.

Hout Bay was at its capricious best in the weather department – fog, NW wind, dead calm, SW wind and dead calm again. The race officer, Vice Admiral (accent on the Vice) Chrome Hunter confused us all at the skippers briefing by asking at 9.40 who could make a 10.30 start and upon receiving the negative from most sailors then said the start would be at 11 or 12 please could we be on the water by 10am ! Course cards gave GPS coordinates of the marks, all bar the last to be left to starboard but checking these at sea proved to be difficult on a Hobie – next time buoys all round please. Simon Russell could not sail but sent the attached newspaper front page from 1988 showing both the weather and political climate have calmed down.

For professional photos of the event go to Trevor Wilkin’s Photo’s at – some amateur ones above.

Although there were no results and the organizers were largely unaware of it there were several competitions within the competition – just like a cycling or trial running race there were courses to suit all - Seb. Perhaps if we had a trail run to the start we could even get Richard Ayres to sail. The first competition was a sort of ‘Top Gear challenge’ – drive from Hout Bay to Fishhoek and back to collect your missing sails before the fleet leave the beach. There was just one team entered in this – Carolyn Fulton and Andy Nixon – Andy was first home sailing an Audi I understand, having received an additional challenge at FHBSC finding the garage was locked. Score - Hobies 1, Car 0. Colin Whitehead and Josh Selig won the short course home – turning at the blinder below Chapman’s Peak due to some confusion in the shorten course procedure. They sailed back out to try to go around again in the light airs (I am being diplomatic – it was mostly ‘bobbing’) Klaas (Old Sea Dog) De Rooy and Suzanne Morton won the long course going around the blinder, up to one of the Keel boat marks past our turning mark before Kommetjie, back to the blinder, back to the Hobie mark and then back into Hout Bay beating almost every one back to the beach. Iain Park-Ross scared the hell out of his new crew Tracy Pels by sailing over the blinder – Iain not the way to treat a new crew ! With all boats drifting back to the finish and beach by 1.30pm Chrome (Vice Admiral) Hunter started a 2nd race over near the Chapman’s Drive shore in the hope of more wind but even there it was not to be. The only highlight was a Hobie 14 beating all but one Tiger to the weather mark.

The generous prizes were given out as lucky draw prizes choreographed by Zac Wessels. Nic Ryall had a great surprise when he won R 500 donated by Dave Power for the first Hobie 14 home. Jeremy Nel, Andrew Walker, Sue Walker & the ever present Marijke Klaver - Registration, Chrome – race officer, Taffy and Shirley Bowen (who came back especially from their world cruise of 14 years) to help and feed, Jurgen Duncker Beach Control and finally Jerry Rogers who had the unenviable task of directing traffic through the dunes – thank you all. Finally the last word to Rob Selig – who else always has the last word ? – ‘that if he saw Caroline R at the 3rd Hobie Regatta in a row it would rain’ and you all know what happened on Sunday !

We will be shortly sending out a details of events during the offseason including the WCHCA prize giving and Grand Slam Series Winners and the proposed calendar for 2014~2015 – please no weddings on regatta weekends this next year.

John Ryall WCHCA

083 265 2036

Monday, May 5, 2014

RCYC 1st Team takes the Admiral's Sword!

Div 2 Start snapped from the mark boat.

Yacht "Mwah" - passing us on the mark boat.

Megafreight, posing against the dramatic cloud effects on the Saturday.
Also snapped from the mark boat.

Royal Cape Yacht Club "1st Team" took the Admirals Sword in a great regatta over the past weekend! There was some great sailing over both days, with the usual mix of extraordinary Hout Bay conditions, including a very light day on the Saturday, and some quite bracing stuff on the Sunday! Added to this was a Hobie Cat "regatta" run from the beach, and the club was positively buzzing over the whole weekend! feedback from competitors was very positive, and it seems certain that the Admirals Regatta will again become a permanent feature on the sailing calendar in coming years.
RCYC Team-1 receiving the Sword!
Thanks to Doc for this pic.

A HUGE thank you to Mark Hainsworth and Chris Sutton who put in most of the work regarding the sailing, and to the Social Committee (Taffy, Shirley, Janet at least - and many others I saw working there - Cheryl for instance and possibly others). Also to the bar staff and the club staff, especially Alan Batley who even took to assisting with the mark laying in the wild weather of the Sunday. Also to Derek Sutton for assisting with the mark laying on the Saturday, many thanks!

Full results here.

Trevor Wilkins Photos here.

My own photos here, snapped while operating the mark boat.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hobie Longhaul coming to HBYC!

Hobie Racing as it used be at HBYC in the 80s!

Event date 3,4 May 2014

See the Poster here

See the Press Release here

More Info (incl Notice of Race and Entry Form) at (see "Events", "Western Cape" Section) or on SAILING Gybeset website:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Admirals Regatta is back in 2014!!

Hout Bay Yacht Club is proud to announce the return of the Admirals Regatta!
3-4 May 2014

For the Regatta details, please see the Regatta Webpage here....