Tuesday, July 8, 2014

HBYC Youth Sailing Dominates!

JML-3 pictured recently during Admiral's Regatta

On a very cold Sunday afternoon - snow on the mountains - four boats ventured out for the Sunday Race! Three of them were our L26s crewed by the youth teams, and the fourth was Megafreight! It is fantastic to see how far this youth sailing programme has advanced - especially when one considers they all beat Megafreight in that race, which wins the club racing as often as not!

Many people have been involved in getting this programme to this level - I simply don't know who all - but special credit to Sam Legatt who certainly has been the main driver of this initiative. And a big thank you once again to Lotto - who donated a generous sum to get this off the ground. As you can see this has been put to very good use!

And lastly, well done to all the crews who have taken up this opportunity and become dam fine sailors along the way! HBYC is very proud of this!

I nearly forgot to include the results! Here they are on corrected time:

  1. Trader 24 Theo Yon  3112
  2. JML 2 ?? 0 3203
  3. Aries JML 3 ??  3300
  4. Megafreight Jendo Ocenasek  3444
Full results here.