Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Skebanga takes line honours....

Skebanga during opening cruise 2010

Results received from Keith Gemmell, skipper of Savannah:

  1. JML3    L Yon  L26    0.965    3123.07     3013.76
  2. Savannah    K Gemmell  Miura    0.910    3448.89    3138.49
  3. Skebanga    P Dalton F42    1.165    3026.01    3525.30

Great to see that Skebanga is making a regular showing on the water, watch this space as they move up the ranks! Note they took line honours comfortably here - well ahead of JML-3, which in fact is not that easy in very light winds. Well done Paul! No pressure! Notice how we take the youth sailing results as benchmark now!