Thursday, October 30, 2014

Old Bulls fight back!

Well after the various upsets of the previous weeks, Megafreight came roaring back to cross the line first this time, and producing a clear win on corrected time as well. Well done to them! Second across the line was Faraway, and only a few seconds behind them was Skebenga.Now I know this is supposed to be a handicap race - and indeed it is - but the battle for line honours has become very interesting with each of Skebenga, Faraway and Megafreight capable of crossing first! Not sure how Skebenga is managing this but it's quite amazing.

Anyway, back to the story, summary results on corrected time:

1. Megafreight
2. JML2
3. Faraway
4. Aquamania
5. Skebenga
6. Savannah

Full results here