Thursday, October 23, 2014

Skebenga crosses first!

For the first time in ages and ages, line honours has not gone to either of Faraway or Megafreight! Skebenga, a well equipped Fast 42, is starting to show her potential in no uncertain terms. In last night's race, she crossed a full 87 seconds ahead of Megafreight, and about ten minutes ahead of Faraway. Conditions were extremely light and I have no doubt that a few holes played some part in this all, but it is equally amazing to see Skebenga do so well in such light wind. Well done Paul and team. There is definitely a new player at the front of the fleet! Watch this space.

Well done to JML-2 for winning on corrected time.

It is also nice to see Reaction in the fleet, we do need an RCOD to look at!

Results on corrected time:
1. JML 2 
2. Megafreight 
3. Skebenga 
4. QBI 
5. Faraway 
6. Savannah 
7. Reaction 

Full results here.