Saturday, November 29, 2014

Orphan's Lunch!

Having missed some of the recent Orphan's Lunches, I must declare this one to have been a fantastic success! The organisation and catering was outstanding, the spirit was awesome, and there was a very generous spirit to make it a very successful auction! 

News just in reports R22-000 was raised for the charity, which goes a long way to feeding orphans and indigent pensioners in Hanberg. This is a fantastic effort from a relatively small number of people and is something Hout Bay Yacht Club can be extremely proud of. It also makes the lunch that much more special. This is the Real Spirit of Christmas!

Special thanks to all those who made it happen - especially, Paul and Liz Pigneguy who organised the event, with support from Taffy and Shirley as always, and to Robin Parker for running the auction as usual. Never mind Werna, who runs the charity!!!! What a champion! (who have I missed?)

I suppose the Scottish Minstrels should also get a mention, see them here!
Orphans warming up...

Cheer up you lot!

Beware of the Pig! 

Mischief or what, the Scottish Play is conceived....

"This is definitely my beer!!"

" .... then again - maybe not .... "

Celebrity Auctioneer in full swing!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

HBYC Club Champs 2014 (Now Postponed till 2015)

(Postponed until early 2015, due to lack of availability of most teams at short notice)

Brief NoR and Course Card here.

More details will follow.

Please confirm entry soonest to RC Sailing, Richard Evans.

JML2 takes it this week....

A lightish NorthWester, with some cloud and rain unfortunately brought variable and shifty winds into the bay.  L26s do well in these conditions, and Keegon did well to produce a clear win on corrected time.

Megafreight, who crossed the line first, was second on corrected time, followed by Faraway and then Aquamania (Theo Yon) - who must have tripped somewhere - in fourth place. Thats the beauty of Hout Bay Sailing - nothing is a given!

Full results here.

Following the racing was the book Launch of Jack Mudds new book "Jack of all Trades" - quite amusing. There was a great attendance, and a great social evening as it turned out.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Volvo Boats arrive in Cape Town!

Abu Dhabi


Crew of Abu Dhabi at the Prizegiving

Abu Dhabi crossed the line just a few minutes ahead of DongFeng - about 3 miles lead -  this after 25 days and 17000 miles or so!!! Man alive - is that match-racing or what!? Just imagine the stress on these crews! This is largely due to the boats being identical for the first time, its all up to the crews...and - er - the navigators. These two boats looked to be in really good shape, which is just as well, as they have a fair bit to go still. I don't think I envy these guys too much.

An hour or so later I happened to be in Pick'nPay, getting some emergency wine supplies, when I noticed two young guys ahead of me in the queue dressed in red Musto Sailing gear. We took a chance and asked them - in English - if they were from the DongFeng? Of course they were - and very amazed we'd made the connection - and then bubbled on about Cape Town for a few minutes to say how happy they were to be here and especially in Cape Town - and what a nice reception they'd had. I would have to agree - it was quite impressive! And what lovely humble and nice people! They were just buying some pleasantries to remind themselves what life on land is all about - 25 days in a washing machine is not for everybody I think. They deserve a good rest now.

Keep an eye on this race, it will be one of the most interesting Volvo's ever! Personally, I think the formula is just about right now. And go see the boats sometime, for yachties, this is quite some eye-candy.

See Trevor Wilkins pics of the arrival of Abu Dhabi here - awesome!

Wednesday Results!

Unusually small fleet this time - despite conditions in the bay being excellent for sailing! Was it the Volvo race or Guy Fawkes? I hope not the latter. Anyway, the braai in the club was quite notable, if Audrey's Facebook pic was anything to go by!

1 JML2
2 Savannah
3 Faraway

More results here.