Thursday, November 6, 2014

Volvo Boats arrive in Cape Town!

Abu Dhabi


Crew of Abu Dhabi at the Prizegiving

Abu Dhabi crossed the line just a few minutes ahead of DongFeng - about 3 miles lead -  this after 25 days and 17000 miles or so!!! Man alive - is that match-racing or what!? Just imagine the stress on these crews! This is largely due to the boats being identical for the first time, its all up to the crews...and - er - the navigators. These two boats looked to be in really good shape, which is just as well, as they have a fair bit to go still. I don't think I envy these guys too much.

An hour or so later I happened to be in Pick'nPay, getting some emergency wine supplies, when I noticed two young guys ahead of me in the queue dressed in red Musto Sailing gear. We took a chance and asked them - in English - if they were from the DongFeng? Of course they were - and very amazed we'd made the connection - and then bubbled on about Cape Town for a few minutes to say how happy they were to be here and especially in Cape Town - and what a nice reception they'd had. I would have to agree - it was quite impressive! And what lovely humble and nice people! They were just buying some pleasantries to remind themselves what life on land is all about - 25 days in a washing machine is not for everybody I think. They deserve a good rest now.

Keep an eye on this race, it will be one of the most interesting Volvo's ever! Personally, I think the formula is just about right now. And go see the boats sometime, for yachties, this is quite some eye-candy.

See Trevor Wilkins pics of the arrival of Abu Dhabi here - awesome!