Tuesday, July 14, 2015

HBYC Lipton Campaign (HBYC wins first race!)

Heck - what a surprise this morning when I saw HBYC won the first race of Lipton, and are currently lying 1st!!!! Although this is only the first race in a long regatta and anything can happen, this is a small miracle and a story that needs some telling when time allows!

At time of writing, the official provisional results page shows HBYC in #1, ahead even of RCYC, POYC and FBYC. I am blown away! This from our dedicated and talented Theo Yon and crew. This is the culmination of a long series of events one could just about make a movie about - success against all odds, and a fantastic team effort from so many people. I hope we find a journalist to take this one onboard.

Well done to all! Keep it going guys!

See Trevor Wilkins Photos here.

Theo and team on LTC Orion

JML-3 and LTC Orion