Sunday, November 1, 2015

HBYC 2015 Club Champs Results!

No surprises, Theo Yon and team made the most of the light conditions on the Saturday to comfortably win the event! 

Although the forecasts showed gale-force winds for the weekend, Saturday was extremely light and we worked hard to get the minimum of three races completed! Nevertheless it was pleasant out on the water and the racing was very tight amongst the front of the fleet. Crews were back in good time to watch the RWC final in the clubhouse. 

Sunday was completely blown out with a gale-force black South Easter, and most of us were happy to stay at home until the prize-giving dinner that evening. More on that event will follow later today!


1 LTC 
2 Megafreight
3 Faraway
4 JML2
5 Skebenga
6 JML3

Detailed results here.