Tuesday, April 26, 2016

First 40 takes the sword!

RCYC Entry "First 40" wins LTI Admiral's Regatta 2016!
A beautiful boat, well campaigned, with great people!
Regatta Series Results Overall:
1. First 40
2. LTC Phoenix
3. Faraway
4. Hot Ice
5. JML 3
6. Megafreight
7. JML 2
8. Skebenga

John Coles Sprint: ahem - you guessed it, First 40 as well!

Full Results follow here.

Despite very challenging weather conditions, LTI Admirals Regatta 2016 was very successfully held over the past weekend, with good tight racing right inside Hout Bay. The fleet was significantly smaller than previous years due to the extreme weather and storm that was predicted about a week earlier. This storm in fact materialised on the Friday before with winds exceeding 60 knots, uprooting trees and the like. Even the skippers briefing on the Friday was hard to get to. And then suddenly it was gone  -  leaving absolutely no wind for 36 hours and a *huge* lumpy sea, with swells of seven metres on the Saturday morning. Sailors all duly arrived, and spent a pleasant but frustrating day on the marina waiting for any trace of wind. Beer drinking started quite early if I say so myself. I managed to go out and watch the big wave surfing at Dungeons which was absolutely spectacular. In the afternoon we fortuitously had the benefit of Super Series Rugby to watch, with a nice win for the local Stormers against the Reds. The organisers produced some very nice Prego rolls and salad which were very popular and kept the crowd going for a good festive evening at the club. I must commend the sailors for surprising good humour in the frustrating conditions.
Local yacht Faraway chasing up to the start.

Sunday started with very light airs again, but a small bit of pressure started building in the entrance to the bay from the west. Race officer Tom Ambrose set a course from under Chapmans Peak out towards a mark in the direction of Tafelberg reef, and by 11:30 we managed to start the first race  in about 8 knots of wind. The second attempt at this race had to be abandoned because the wind simply died again. However, as is often the case in Hout Bay Westerlies, the direction swang a bit North and soon we had a useful draft coming through the bay right near the beach. We were able to set a decent Windward-Leeward right under Chapmans Peak drive and were able to run a good series of tight races there for the remainder of the afternoon. In my opinion this was really good racing, with the fleet sailing in close quarters, good sea conditions, steady breeze, and the beautiful backdrop of Chapmanspeak and Hout Bay! Certainly great for the spectators. And so we managed a total of five good races, including even the customary John Coles Sprint. It really was a case of "all's well that ends well"! - and the mood was very buoyant as the crews packed up and went to the clubhouse for the prizegiving. 

Well done Richard and team!

Following is a link to a selection of pics snapped from the committee boat:

Monday, April 11, 2016

Results, Admiral's Warmup Series

Click here for the series results.